Manufacturing process and usage

  • Meeting with customer

    STEP1 Meeting with customer

    We decide a specification of flexitank which change by a budget and a type of liquid. For example, size, type of valve, structure of layer and so on.

  • Production and inspection

    STEP2 Production and inspection

    We start production after inform a specification of customer to the factory. Finally, we inspect it directly whether there are no problem about size, weight, scratch, fray, screw of valve and so on.
  • A product which have finished production and inspection is left a port after export procedure. It is stored in a warehouse after arrive a port and finish import procedure.
  • STEP3 Deliver to a factory (filling place)

    We can arrange a forwarder of land transportation.

  • STEP4 Setting and loading

    Our staff guide the setting and filling way.

    [Setting and loading step]]

    1. ①Setting corrugated board

      Setting corrugated board

      Set a corrugated board in container to protect flexitank.

    2. ②Setting flexitank

      Setting flexitank

      Open a flexitank in container. Attention about the position of valve.

    3. ③Loading start

      Loading start

      Connect a hose with valve and loading start. (↑the picture of top loading)

    4. ④Loading finish

      Loading finish

      There is about one third space in container after loading finish.

    5. ⑤Final check

      Final check

      Final check from outside.

Transport to port after finish setting and loading and leave a port to destination after export procedure.