International transportation

International transportationForwarding and NVOCC

We import and export products to/from East Asia, West Asia, Northern east Asia, Southern east Asia, South America, Europe and Middle East region, especially our strong region is to/from Japan and Asia.

Because not having agent contract with specific shipping company same as domestic, we can combine transportation means from a wide range of choices.
We reduce middle cost thoroughly and establish our own route and know-how. Therefore, we are able to offer customer an efficient way of transportation from designated pickup place to delivery place with an affordable price. In addition, we can issue House B/L by ourselves and deliver it to customer.

We are also able to handle paper work and apply for various institutions regarding an export/import (such as inspection of animals and plant, Basel Convention) when required from export counterparts.


NVOCC means Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier. This means that consigned freight transportation business operator who don't have own way of transportation arrange transportation each port and destination of inland to use other shipping company and forwarding agent. In addition, they can issue own B/L.

International Standard, Approval and licences

  • The first class consigned freight forwarding business (vehicle transportation, No 58)
  • The first class consigned freight forwarding business (overseas shipping, No 27, 242)
  • The second class freight forwarding business (vehicle transportation, coastal shipping, No 301)