• It is possible to shorten working time because it saves loading and discharging time compared to drums
  • No cleaning cost and returning cost compared to ISO tank
  • Load more than 30% compared to drum per 20ft container.
  • It is suitable for various transportation like marine, land and railway.
It saves transportation cost and loading time. As a result, it leads to rise efficiency of other business.

Main usage of flexitank

*Basically, It is for non-hazardous liquid products. Please contact us for details

1.Food Products
Molasses•Animal Fat•Sugar Syrup•Vegetable Oils•Dark Soy Sauce•Beer Syrup Concentrate•Fruit Juice Concentrate•Jam•Juice•Milk•Water•Sauces•Wine•Flat beer•Sorbitol•Olive Oil•Fish Oil•Egg-liquid
2.Industrial Products
Lube Oils•Plasticizer•White Oils•Adhesive•Glycerine•Latex•Polyol•Glycol•Lanolin•Base Oils•Detergents•Mineral Oils•Transformer Oils•Tall Oil Fatty Acid•Optical Brightener•Water Based Paints•Hair Shampoos/Conditioners