About Flexitank

・This is a large package made from polyethylene(Flexitank can load 14000ℓ~24000ℓ at one time.)
・This is used in a 20FT container.
・Since there is no risk of contamination, you can use food with confidence.

Our company can handle not only the handling mainly by sea transportation using flexitank, but also the manufacturing the product by the standard customer's request and disposal the products. We maintain safety aspect at a higher level by planning and managing our transportation flow step by step with our experience, skill and specialized know-how.

As a result, we established total management system with low cost and effective liquid cargo transportation. We gained reliability for providing a speed that matches the market which changes rapidly, an accuracy that matches the balance of supply and demand, and integration of logistics and commercial distribution.

We based on a relationship of trust with manufacturer and contact organization directly. We repeat quality improvement with customer and manufacturer and make efforts to provide a better product.

The manufacturers for which we are the general agency are as follows.

Qingdao LAF Packaging co., ltd.
Web: http://www.lafpac.net/


Q Please tell the size and weight of flexitank.
A It doesn't decide because it is different by customer. Please ask for the details.

Q When is the expiration date?
A It is for one year.

Q Can we reuse flexitank?
A You can't reuse as it compromises safety