Our CSR is to contribute sound-material cycle society through doing our transparent business. Our cooperate governance is to take responsibility to what the company give influence to society.

  • 1) We comply with laws and regulations
  • 2) We do care environment
  • 3) We contribute to local regions
  • 4) We protect human rights of workers
  • 5) We owe responsibility to explain each stakeholders

We perform flexible management in consideration of rapid change of world economy to be able to cope with uncertainty of future.

Baic stance of our transaction

Our motto is being fair, and upright regarding the transaction with associated companies. We prohibit our employees to receive any gift-giving from them in hope of establishing long lasting sound relationship

Social Contribution Activities

We would like to sincerely express our sympathies to everyone who suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake. We do hope things are back to normal as soon as possible. We made donation to Japanese Government through Red Cross in hope of putting it to use for damaged areas.
Also, we try to create an environment where disabled people will be able to work together.

Effort for Global warming

We are aware how logistic industry affects environment and society. We join Green Partnership and encourage efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We positively propose logistics form which are less burden to environment.
Also, as a corporate member of WWF Japan, we support their global environmental conservation activities as we feel the same way of WWF's mission and principles of action. (WWF is a global environmental conservation organization which does activities around the world)

Green Partnership
Ecology declaration action